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Guitar Set Up


The guitar setup is effectively the same having a car serviced. Over time the geometry of the instrument changes for a number of factors, making it hard to play.


Guitar Truss Rod Adjustment


Guitar necks have difficult time. They are under tension caused by the strings - due to factors such as humidity, they can effectively move. At Ackworth Guitar Setups we adjust the truss rod so that guitar neck is in the correct amount of tension and not displaying too much back bow or forward bow.

Guitar Action

Manufacturers all specify what they percieve the correct action to be for their guitars. We work on your instrument to get the height of the strings fromthe fretboard to the correct heights.

Guitar Intonation

What is guitar intonation? With musical instruments, intonation refers to pitch accuracy—the extent to which the notes formed are in tune, versus being flat or sharp. We will dial in the guitar intonation using state of the art tuners.


Guitar Set Up


The guitar setup will improve the playability of your instrument. It will make it play more comfortably.


Never Had Your Guitar Setup?


Get in touch with the team on 01484 767895 to discuss getting your guitar booked in.


Guitar Setups Manchester



Available at our Manchester site at Brunswck Mill Studios, Cheltenham Road, Salford, M6 6WY

Guitar Setups Leeds

Available at our Leeds site at The Chapel Works, Stocks Street, Leeds, LS7 2AU

Guitar Setups Huddersfield

Available at our Huddersfield shop, Unit 10, Nortonthorpe Mills, Wakefield Road, Scissett, Huddersfield, HD8 9LA

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