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Guitar Neck Reset


Have you found that your acoustic or set neck guitar is hard to play? Does the action feel different to how it once was? You might need a neck reset.


Guitar Repair Economics


Guitar neck resets are a subject of economics. Does the value of the guitar warrant the work that is necessary to make it playable again? Or is it time to scrap the guitar and buy a new one. For vintage or expensive guitars, the answer is often yes!

Neck Reset Process

At Ackworth Guitar Setups, we start by evaluating the neck position in relation to the bridge to establish what is causing the fault with the playing of the instrument.

Modern Techniques

Traditionally, luthiery has relied on steam as the prinicple mechanism by which to free the glue in the neck joint. We do not approve of this metohod due to the negative affect of steam on guitar lacquer. We use new techniques pioneered in the USA which involves inserting heating elements into the neck. This can often be nerve racking as we have to ensure they are in the correct place!


Scoring The Lacquer


To remove the fingerboard extention, we score around the lacker at the end of the neck, ensuring the heel of the neck is ready to come free.


Neck Press Jig


We install the neck press jig we developed at Ackworth Guitar Setups to add pressure. Heat is applied to the neck and then we wait for the glue to soften an break the joint seal.


Guitar Neck Removal


We then remove the neck and clean the joints of all traces of the previous glue. Sandpaper is then 'pulled' until the correct angle is achieved. The guitar is then reassembled and refinsh is added to the neck area if required..

Guitar Neck Reset Manchester

Available at our Manchester site at Brunswck Mill Studios, Cheltenham Road, Salford, M6 6WY

Guitar Neck Reset Leeds

Available at our Leeds site at The Chapel Works, Stocks Street, Leeds, LS7 2AU

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