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Guitar Amplifier Repairs


Amplifiers require maintainance and care the same as your guitar. Over time componants can wear and require replacement.


Valve Replacement


At Ackworth Guitar Setups, we can check and replace amplifier valves on our state of the art Valve testing equipment.

Amplifier Biasing

Manufacturers all specify what the bias of the valves should be. We have specialist bias metres that allow us to dial in the correcct amount of valve bias.

Marshall & Fender Amp Repairs

We have a lot of experience in fixing and servicing both Marshall and Fender valve and solid state amplifiers. We also repair Blackstar, Ashdown, Vox, Selmer, Mesa-Boogie, Orange, Peavey and Laney amplifiers!


Amplifier Repairs Near Me?


We also undertake amplifier modifications, mods, speaker swaps and amp tolex replacement.


Amp Repairs


Get in touch with the team on 01484 767895 to discuss getting your amplifier booked in.


Amplifier Repairs Manchester


Available at our Manchester site at Brunswck Mill Studios, Cheltenham Road, Salford, M6 6WY

Amplifier Repairs Leeds

Available at our Leeds site at The Chapel Works, Stocks Street, Leeds, LS7 2AU

Amplifier Repairs Huddersfield

Available at our Huddersfield shop, Unit 10, Nortonthorpe Mills, Wakefield Road, Scissett, Huddersfield, HD8 9LA

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