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Ackworth Guitar Setups



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A Note About Guitar Setups


As experienced guitar repairers, we have learned a thing or two about what makes guitars work. We want to make sure that you are getting the absolute best out of your instrument. The way to achieve this is by having your guitar set up, which means making adjustments to the guitar to ensure that the guitar functions to the best of it's ability, and that it plays great!


Although it would be great if all guitars sounded perfect and played like a dream straight from the factory floor, there are many factors that will stop your guitar  achieving it's full potential. Current manufacturing quality control, relative humidity, and how the instrument is cared for are all factors that act to make your guitar not play well.


To ensure that your instrument remains well maintained, we recommend that any guitar is booked in for setup work on at least an annual basis.

By understanding how guitars work, we have devised our setups structure to save you money and time.  Please choose from the following:



£60 + cost of strings

This is the basic level of work required to bring the geometry of the guitar into tolerance and playing cleanly and comfortably without excessive fret buzz or an uncomfortably high action. Most new guitars will require a setup to ensure they play their best.

Standard Setup includes:

- Re-string

- Truss Rod Adjustment

- Action and Intonation adjustment

- Re-cut nut slots

- Clean and Polish.


£85 + cost of strings

If your guitar has had to go without it's proper care for a while, it may have also developed some crackly electronics, some oxidisation of the frets, and the general dirt and grime that forms on a guitar that has been missing it's upkeep. Our Deluxe Setup ensures that all these issues are taken care of.


- Everything from our Standard Setup PLUS

- Buff Frets

- Clean and Oil Fretboard

- Set Pickups to Optimum Height

- Deep clean of the instrument

- Intonation is set with a digital strobe tuner which is accurate to 1/1000 of a semi-tone.

- Some spot levelling of frets (done at the technician's discrestion)

- Full electrical check (any replacement parts & components will incur some additional cost)




£140 + cost of strings

The more you play your guitar the more wear you will see, especially to the frets. How fast the frets wear will depend on your playing style, how much you play, what strings you use, etc, but eventually the wear and tear to the frets will be to such an extent that a full fret level is required. Also, as much as we hate to admit it, there are more than a few cases where the frets on a brand new guitar might be so uneven that they need to be levelled in order for the guitar to function properly. Our Premier Setup tackles these problems.

The Premier Setup includes:

- Everything from the Deluxe Setup

- Full fret level, crown & polish

- Reseating any loose or listed frets

- Smoothing any sharp fret ends


Please note: A premium of £10 is added to  any setup on 12 String Guitars or Floyd Rose, Kahler tremolo systems etc.

Guitar Repairs:

Please note - the following is the price of the labour only, parts are not included*.

Nut replacement (Custom Carved Bone Nut)

Fender Style (requires restring or setup)                   £75

Gibson Style/ Acoustic or Fender with Binding       £100

12 string                                                                            £150

Nut replacement (Pre-Cut)                                                                            

Fit & Adjust Precut nut                                                   £50

Graphite pre-cut nut                                                      £60

Brass or Steel                                                                  £75

12 string                                                                            £80

Saddle replacement (Acoustic guitars)

Custom Carved Bone                                                      £65

Plastic                                                                                 £30

Re-Fret: (Complete)                                           from    £260

                (Partial)                                                 from    £220

Headstock Breaks                                                  Glue       £195 

(Price includes Deluxe Setup, finish repairs extra)     Splines   £325

Neck Reset  (requires new nut and saddle)              £395 +

Bridge Reglue (requires setup)                                  £195


General Electrical Repairs (please note there is a £25-£75 add-on for Hollow Body guitars due to their complex wiring).

Pickup Replacement / Fitting                                        £40 (1st pickup)

                                                                                                £60 (2 pickups)

                                                                                                £80 (3 pickups)


Output Jack Replacement                                               £30

Selector Switch Replacement                                        £30

Potentiometer (Pots) Replacement                               £40 (for 1 pot)

                                                                                                £55 (for 2 pots)

                                                                                                £65 (for 3 pots)

                                                                                                £75 (for 4 pots)

Full Re-wire                                                                          £125

Re-spray                                                                                POA


For other guitar work please ask.

Standard labour charged at :                               £60 per hour

Bench Fee:                                                              £30



Express Repair Service                    Standard Repair cost + £40.


*Please note all prices are for labour and do not include parts. The pricelist acts as a guide, and your repair may cost more depending on the level of work needed. Please ask for an assessment and quotation.



We provide servicing, repair and modification for all makes of modern and vintage Valve guitar Amps. Please note  that due to the amount of time it can take to fault find with amplifiers we charge a £30 bench fee for all amp diagnotics. This is payable in all cases, but is refunded against the cost of the repair.

Amplifier Service:                                                                                               £80

Check electrical safety of the unit, Check of all components, Check and alter Bias, Check and clean all sockets, switches and Pots, Clean Valve bases, Chassis clean.

Valve Check:                                                                                                  £40

We will check the integrity of your valves using our state of the art valve testers. This includes:

Heater filament test: Short circuit, Heater filament test: Open circuit, Heater filament test: Tolerance check, Heater cathode insulation: Leakage, Heater cathode insulation: Short Circuit.


Tests for heater current abnormalities, Amplification factor, Voltage gain, Power gain, Screen grid test, Mutual conductance test, Dual test for double triodes, Emission
Inter electrode leakage, Inter electrode short circuit, Flash-over (arc detection, high voltage breakdown), Gas ionisation test.



Repair and Modification  POA (please contact us with your requirements)

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