What Is A Guitar Setup?

Updated: May 23, 2021

Congratulations! You just bought the guitar of your dreams! Maybe you bought it online, or had it delivered from a shop many miles away. Unless you are spending a vast sum on a top of the range guitar, the chances are your guitar needs setting up.

By now you will have read about the mythical setup online or in the guitar magazines. Simply put, a guitar setup ensures that the geometry of the instrument is correct, and that the action and intonation of the instrument are dialed in to ensure the play ability of the instrument.

Why Do I Need This, Can’t I Just Play It?

A properly set up instrument is the difference between your guitar playing like a saw, or playing like butter. It enables you to really feel the instrument, and will support the improvement of your playing by virtue of making the instrument easier to play.

A guitar setup checks everything - the position of the truss rod to determine a guitars neck relief, the action and how high the strings are, and ensures that the intonation of the instruments means that notes ring true in all positions on the fret-board.

How Much Does This Cost?

Ackworth Guitar Setups standard setup starts at £35 (plus strings).

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