In 2022 Ackworth Guitar Setups is celebrating our

10th Anniversary!

We are launching our AGS Membership, taking the stress out of guitar maintainance and repair!

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Ackworth Guitar Setups is the UK's first and only chain of guitar repair shops. We have built our reputation on quality guitar repairs and fair prices. We started our first guitar repair shop in the Ackworth, West Yorkshire in 2012.


In 2021, we launched the UK's first chain of guitar repair shops offering guitar repairs and setups in Leeds, Nottingham, Manchester, Cambridge and Northampton!

We offer guitar repairs, setups, fret levelling, rewiring, headstock repairs, neck resets and finish repairs. We love working on vintage instruments (especially pre-war Gibson's, Kalamazoo's and Martin's). We are experts in working with Fender, Gibson, Gretsch and Rickenbacker guitars. We work on electric and acoustic guitars (including bass guitars). We also offer amplifier servicing and repairs.

Our techs also have experience of working with touring bands internationally. You can read more about the AGS team here.

You can get a full list of our service and prices here. As a future customer of Ackworth Guitar Setups, we look forward to meeting you really soon.


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