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READ THIS Before You Take Your Guitar To a Repairer...

Updated: Nov 7, 2022

The risks are HIGH!

Over the past few years, I’ve noticed a worrying trend occurring in our shop. The trend plays itself out something like this. “Hello Ackworth Guitar Setups? I’ve taken my guitar to this guy advertising on Facebook and they’ve ruined my guitar”.

As a guitar repair shop that actively uses social media, it would be wrong to tar everyone with the same brush, however, there have been a number of guitar repair establishments that have cropped up since Covid-19 came into our lives.

It’s clear that these repairers are often not trained, and setup shop in their houses/sheds. They can often charge what appears at face value to be attractive prices, but the phrase buyer beware should be screaming at you.

An example of this is a guitar that recently came across the AGS bench. It had been to a guitar repairer based in Yorkshire who had charged the customer £60 for a ‘setup’. Whilst stitch up may feel more appropriate, the repairer had given the guitar back having completed the setup.

It was not set to any of the parameters we work to, and the real kicker was that the truss rod was not operating, a facet that the repairer had failed to tell the customer, therefore the guitar could never be setup correctly. Having liberated our customer of their hard earned cash, he walked away. In the meantime, the customer had to return the guitar for a new one.

The Risks…

What happens if these people make a mistake whilst working on your instruments? Many of these repairers are not insured. The first question you should ask any repair shop is if you can see their insurance documents. In the event that there is a burglary or a mistake made with the repair at least you know you are covered by the insurance. At AGS, we are a fully insured repair shop, meaning you know when you drop the instrument off, you are in safe hands.

Being robbed:

By going to a residential address, you have no idea if you are being lured to a fake residential property. Gangs have been known to lease properties to set up fake business fronts and then disappear overnight or lure unsuspecting people to addresses so they can rob them on the way.

Tax Avoidance:

These repairers are often not legitimately setup as businesses. They are likely avoiding paying tax which negatively affects legitimate business and the wider economy.

Your legal rights – NOT PROTECTED!

You are likely not covered by consumer rights in the same way you are with a legitimate business. Are those businesses covering your legal rights in regard to your customer data, right to return etc.

Ackworth Guitar Setups recommends going to a approved workshops. Support your local business!

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