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Guitar Repairs - Buy Cheap, Buy Twice.

Guitar repairs are a funny thing. The temptation is to find the cheapest place and take your guitar there. But what are you actually buying when you go to an established business, as opposed to a cheap one.

Ackworth Guitar Setups has been established in Yorkshire for over a decade. We have built our reputation on honesty, good repairs at fair prices and trust. We've been asked to train a bunch of people who would later go on to establish their own repair shops. Luckily for our customers, we've managed to also open a guitar repairs shop in Leeds, despite the current stated of the economics.

Ackworth Guitar Setups Huddersfield offers a humidity controlled workshop that I am not aware of anyone else having. We specialise in repairs that most guitar repairs shops will not touch, such as guitar refinish work, guitar re-frets.

Yet there are people who advertise on the internet and Facebook as repairs shops, that when you actually look behind the facade of their websites are not real repair shops at all.

One example recently in our Manchester guitar repair shop was a guitar that had been in at a non-descript Facebook repairer. The frets were RUINED.

We had to refret the guitar as well as do a full guitar set up to repair the damage to the instrument. There was also evidence of tool marks in the rear of the headstock.

The old addage that 'Buy cheap, buy twice' is something anyone reading this should truly consider.

Ackworth Guitar Setups is a guitar repair shop with bases in Manchester, Leeds and Huddersfield.

Book your guitar in today!

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