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FRETBUZZ 101: Why it's not really a Big Deal.

OK - stop right there. This is that article, the one where the guitar repairers tell you what you want can't exist. But this time, I'm going to explain to you why there is a happy medium to be found.

What are the variables at play with any guitar?

  1. The Guitar itself.

  2. The Player...

At Ackworth Guitar Setups we do a lot of set up work and this question is often the first thing to come out of the customer's list of wants. By design, guitars buzz. Electric guitars are not designed to be played acoustically, and thus, the owner's expectation should be set at the design of the instrument.

When we set the action of the instrument, most players want a low action to make the guitar feel comfortable when playing. The lower we go, the higher the risk of 'buzzing' across the fret board.

But what is the real variable? It's the PLAYER.

Because we all play in different way's the player becomes the most likely factor to a guitar producing fret buzz. In the workshop, Tristan and Damian's playing styles are so different in terms of attack that even when a guitar is setup, the heavier player can produce buzz.

What Are You Looking For?

We often get players who when they come to collect their guitar and create a situation where they make their guitar buzz by playing outside of their normal playing parameters. They are essentially looking for buzzing. As noted already, ANY guitar can buzz if you don't play it correctly.

By having your guitar correctly setup, you are assured that your guitar is geometrically in the right position to eliminate organic fret buzz.

This ensures that the neck relief is set, and that the action and intonation are set correctly.

The rest is then down to you!

Book your guitar in today.

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