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Feel like your guitar isn’t playing its best with rising temperatures?

Seasonal changes in the atmosphere can have a major impact on the playability of guitars. From fret buzz to poor intonation, these issues can easily be prevented or addressed by a professional guitar technician.

We understand the importance of keeping your instrument in top condition. That's why, throughout the month of July, we are offering our Deluxe Setup service for just £70. Don't miss out on this opportunity and get your guitar playing better than ever!

Bring your guitar to one of our workshops. Click the locations below for more information.
When was the last time you got your guitar set up?
If your guitar is suffering from any of the following symptoms then it's time to bring your guitar in for a setup:

- Uncomfortable high action
- Fret buzz
- Choking notes
- Tuning instability
- Poor intonation
- Un-balanced pickups
- Crackly electronics
- Dried out fretboard

Regular maintenance of your guitar and its setup is essential. The benefits of keeping your guitar set up and well maintained include:

1. Improved sound quality: A well maintained and set up guitar will produce a much fuller and crispier sound.

2. Increased playability: Keeping your guitar's action and intonation set to your desired levels will make playing much easier and more enjoyable.

3. Extended lifespan: Taking proper care of your guitar ensures it will last much longer than if it were not maintained. This not only helps you save money but also ensures you will get maximum life out of your instrument.

4. Aesthetic appeal: Keeping your guitar in good shape means it will look and feel better, which can be an important factor when your guitar is also a part of your live performance.

Book your guitar in for a Deluxe Setup today to ensure your guitar stay in the best shape it can be for just £70!

Click the locations below for more information

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